Certifications 2014

The Creazioni Antonella certifications have already been confirmed for 2014. Doubts about Creazioni Antonella quality have never crossed Maria Tesei’s mind

“Our company has always wagered on quality and our sole thought for the future is to continuously seek improvement. When I started out, I had only one idea in mind: to produce unique garments of the best possible quality. I have never had any doubt about this idea and I never think about the market. I am not a businesswoman (says Maria with a smile). A lot of work and an equal amount of passion go into the scrupulous attention to every single detail, even those that the untrained eye cannot see. Fortunately there are many people who place value on quality, rare people who want unique garments, thanks to them our company is what it is today.

I strongly believe in certification because it attests to the added value of our garments and is a guarantee for our clients. For example, our clients must know that an expert seamstress worked on that dress for a week or that a special decorative detail can be only worked by hand and that it is a one-of-a-kind creation.

Creazioni Antonella has always bespoken and demonstrated true artistic craftsmanship and we are happy to be able to certify this”