Our History

“The art of beautiful dressing”

For six decades, we have poured our hearts and souls into the art of Italian knitwear craftsmanship, in our company based in Pesaro. Since 1962, our founder Maria Tesei has ignited a flame that continues to burn bright.

Guided by her unwavering passion, we have dedicated ourselves to creating luxurious knitwear garments that embodies the essence of elegance and timeless beauty. With every stitch and detail, we strive to bring you garments that are a testament to our rich heritage and commitment to uncompromising quality.

From conception to packaging, we oversee every step, ensuring attention to every single detail. Our garments are brought to life by the skilled hands of our knitters, cutters, and sewers, all still personally trained by Maria Tesei.

Over time, Creazioni Antonella has emerged as a worldwide benchmark for Made in Italy and the art of artisanal knitwear. Our understated style is a source of pride, accredited by the Institute for the Protection of Italian Producers as 100% Made in Italy, and acknowledged as an artistic craft through the esteemed Marche Eccellenza Italiana mark, bestowed by CNA Marche.

With two distinctive lines, Haute Couture (HC Antonella) and Prêt-à-Porter (Antonella), our collections meet also the most refined tastes. From high-fashion evening gowns to ready-to-wear ensembles, each piece embodies elegance and sophistication.

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